Thursday, March 7, 2013

Newer Drug for AIDS

 In 1981, when AIDS was first discovered, at that time patients of AIDS survived only 1-2 years,as no medication was discovered yet for AIDS at that time. But in later period, Scientists & Researchers discovered many new drugs, that gives Hope & Possibility to survive few more years than before to the patients of AIDS. Till now, more than 20 drugs are used for the treatment of AIDS, which we called "Anti-retro viral drugs", because these drugs affect the virus, which is responsible for AIDS and that virus is One type of retro virus.These drugs can't remove or kill the virus from the body completely, but control or suppress them, as a result patients can survive few more years.This retro virus, that is responsible for AIDS named HIV(Human Immunodeficiency Virus). This Virus itself don't produce any disease, that decrease the lifespan of victim. As it is call "Immunodeficiency Virus" is greatly reduce body's immune defense against pathogens, that makes the chance to produce disease by other pathogens that is responsible for lowering the lifespan of victim.

Drugs, AIDS

Recently a new drug gets permission from American food & Drug Administration(FDA). The name of this drug is "Reltegravir". This is also a kind of anti-retro viral drug that reduce the virus load in blood by affecting the enzyme that is required for the reproduction of HIV type-I , Doctors of FDA said that, Recently using drug, which are not working on some patient that means, in case of treatment resistant patient, this new drug can be greatly effective.

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