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Diseases due to increased Pituitary hormone:

·       Hyperprolactinaemia
·       Acromeglay
·       Cushing’s disease.

Pituitary hormone,Pituitary gland
·       Random Serum Prolactin
·       GTT(For Acromegaly)
·       Dexamethasone Suppression Test (For Cushing’s syndrome)

Disease due to reduced Pituitary Hormone:

·        Hypopituitarism
·        Short ACTH Stimulation test
·        Insulin tolerance test
·        Serum testosterone
·        LH Level estimation
·        FSH Level estimation
·        Serum Thyroxin
·        Growth Hormone
                         ·        Water Deprivation Test.

Adrenal Gland:
Adrenal Gland

            Diseases due to increased hormone:
·       Cushing’s Syndrome
·       Hyperaldosteronism
·       Pheochromocytoma
Adrenal Hormone, Cushing's syndrome

·       Low dose Dexamethasone Suppression test or
·       24 hours urinary cortisone estimation

 Diseases due to reduced hormone:

·       Addison’s Disease
·       Congenital Adrenal hyperplasia
·       Hypopituitarism
·       Plasma Cortisol Level
·       Short Synacthen test (ACTH stimulation test)

Thyroid Gland:
Thyroid gland

     Disease due to increased hormone:

·       Hyperthyroidism
·       Plasma TSH, T3, T4 estimation
    Disease due to reduced hormone: 

·       Hypothyroidism
·       Plasma TSH, T4 estimation

Also by testing blood for hormones level & other examination, disease associated with Increased or reduced hormones can be detected.

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