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Wednesday, November 21, 2012


In most cases, People when first experience diabetes in them, the symptoms of diabetes does not seem very serious at that time. In fact, most case of Diabetes remains undiagnosed.
Many People can’t believe when they first experience diabetes, because of the symptoms of diabetes seem so minor at first time. Even at first the symptoms seem minor, they can be attributes to serious life threatening complications or problems. So, it can be said that diabetes is a pretty serious disease.

The most common symptoms of diabetes are:
1.     Frequent Micturition/Urination – Due to high blood sugar that causes increased blood flow to the kidneys.
2.     Irritability
3.     Increased thirst or excessive thirst – Due to frequent or increased urination.
4.     Increased Hunger – Due to lack of Insulin, glucose can’t get into the body’s cells, which causes energy deficiency, results in Hunger.
5.     Blurring of vision – Due to swelling of the lens of the eye resulting from increased blood volume.
6.     Fatigue – Due to reduced energy.
7.     Weight loss – as body’s cells can’t use glucose due to insulin deficiency, it breaks down body’s proteins & fats to fill up the energy requirement. As a result, despite eating more the body loses weight.
Diabetes, Blood Sugar

There are many other conditions that can causes symptoms like these. This is why these symptoms are mistaken for something other than diabetes. For an example, stress can lead to fatigue or irritability.
As the Diabetes advance progressively, the symptoms also gets worsen. It is also important to remember that, unlike the symptoms of other illness, these symptoms don’t go away but come around circularly, if not treated or controlled. So if any of these symptoms appear, one should immediately, consult with a physician.

The sooner diabetes is diagnosed; it becomes lot more easier to control it by taking some preventive treatment. The longer it remains untreated, the more dangerous it could it. 

Diabetes, Diabetes Control

As there is no cure for Diabetes, it can be managed or controlled by leading positive lifestyle.

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