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Sudden kidney failure may occur if the activity of the kidney disruppted suddenly . We don't may have known that, sudden kidney failure may occure from diarrhoea . In diarrhoea dehydration develop , that enhance the possibility of kidney failure. But it is a news of hope that, it can be recovered by taking advice from an specialist.

The advice that should be followed by everybody that, We should be aware about the dehydration in diarrhoea. To prevent dehydration adequate amount of water & saline should drink. Fluid of green coconut is also better.

Kidney, Kidney Failure, Cut section of kidney
Danger Sign : In diarrhoea there may be imbalance of body electrolites, so salaine plays important role to prevent dehydration and to maintain electrolites balance. We also should be aware about if the urine output is decreasing or complete cessation, vomiting or nausea.

          > Swelling in the mouth or below the eye
          > Decreasing blood pressure
          > Increasing heart beat
          > Body becoming weaker day by day
Kidney, Kidney Failure

If these symptoms appear in diarrhoea, the patient must be adviced from a kidney specialist.

In female abortion can be a cause of sudden kidney failure. Also infection of urethra, urinary bladder, obstruction due to kidney stone can causes sudden kidney failure. Excessive bleeding during delivery, chemotherapy, Radiotherapy can causes sudden kidney failure, In male, obstruvtion due to prostate enlargement and cancer of female uterus enhance the possibility of sudden kidney failure.

One can know about his/her kidney just by testing blood & urine. Not only in diarrhoea or other disease , kidney failure can occure from taking unprescribed paracetamol or other analgesics, antibiotics . So no one should use analgesics or antibiotics without prescription from a doctor. Everybody must take medicine according to a registered doctor.

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