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Pancreas is one of the most important gland in human body. It is a mixed gland that means it has both endocrine and exocrine part. The part that secretes insulin and other hormones, is endocrine and the part that secretes digestive enzyme, is exocrine.

Pancreatic cancer is not a rare disease at all. It is 4th among all cancers of human body. The patient of pancreatic cancer has about 25% -26% possibility to live 1-5 years. From this we can assume the severity of this disease.

Cancer, Cancer cell

Causes :
         The exact cause of pancreatic cancer is not found yet, but there are some factors which are responsible for this disease.
        These factors are -
                1. Age - More than 60
                2. Smoking
                3. Obesity
                4. Inadequate vegetables in meal
                5. Beef,Mutton
                6. Diabetes
                7. Inflammation of pancreas in chronic pancreatitis
Some congenital disease has also relation with this cancer.


Symptoms :
                > Pain in the upper abdomen
                > Anorexia
                > Nausea
                > Jaundice
                > Diabetes
                > Weight loss
Also, cancer may spread to the liver and lungs.

Diagnosis :
              Ultra sonogram, CT scan, ERCP, FNAC .These tests are done for the detection of this disease.

Treatment :
               The treatment of pancreatic cancer depends on whether the cancer stays at it's site of origin or spreads to other sites. surgery, Chemotherapy, Hormone therapy are mostly used in the treatment of  this cancer.

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