Tuesday, May 22, 2012


         If bilirubin level in blood is increased more than normal, we called it jaundice . Jaundice can be occurred due to different causes in pregnancy . The first cause is virus. Jaundice can be occurred by the attack of any one of these A,B,C,D,E types of Hepatitis virus. Also jaundice can be developed due to Pre-eclampsia, Eclampsia, Excessive vomiting, Gall stone, Malaria, Blood transfusion and as the side effect of some drugs. If anyone have liver disease or tumour in liver, jaundice  can be developed to them .
Jaundice, Pregnancy
              In pregnancy the flow of bile , containing bilirubin become slow, which is also an important factor causing jaundice . in this case, at the last period of pregnancy sudden anorexia, Nausia, Itching in hand & foot, yellowish discoloration of skin, these symptoms develop.

              This type of patient has the possibility to give birth of baby before the expected date, low birth weighted baby, death of the baby in uterus & excessive bleeding after delivery.

              Usually this jaundice recovered within 2 weeks after delivery . Those who are suffering from malnutrition & leading life in an unhygienic environment, have greater possibility of viral hepatitis. According to the types of these virus, they can spread through food and water, blood . Some also spreads from infected mother to fetus through umbilical cord, some through breast milk.

              This jaundice can causes abortion, congenital abnormalities of the fetus, blood coagulation within mother's body. These complications can causes death of both fetus and the mother.

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