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Diabetes (Diabetes Mellitus) is a disease in which the body can not produce or use insulin properly. Insulin is a hormone which is needed to convert starches, sugar and other foods into energy. The cause of diabetes at time is mysterious; it seems that environmental and genetics factors such as obesity, lack of exercise play an important roles.

In diabetes, Controlling blood sugar level is the  main priority. It should always be maintained and kept at a normal level, that means it should not go either above or below the normal level. Some complications can arise if sugar level on the blood goes below or above the normal level.To know blood sugar level, anyone can test it by using a glucose meter. This is used to detect Hypoglycemia and Hyperglycemia.Usually Testing is done before and after meals, for at least a few times a week. Knowing about blood sugar level anyone can adjust and maintain the food he/she eat and how he/she exercise.


In case of diabetic patient it is very important to know if he/she is Hypoglycemic or Hyperglycemic in order to know what to do in case feeling ill.

Hyperglycemia : Excessively high level of glucose in the blood is called Hyperglycemia . It is a feature of untreated or inadequately managed diabetes.
                           >Too much food
                           > Too little insulin or diabetes medications/Uncontrolled diabetes
                           >  illness or stress
                    Symptoms :
                                   - Increased thirst .
                           - Increased urination
                           - Blurring of vision
                           - Weight loss
                           - Increased Hunger
                           - Fatigue
                           -Tingling or numbness of hand or feet
                           - Skin infections & Slow-healing infections
                           -Sexual Problems like Impotency & change in lubrication

Hyperglycemia, Diabetes, Blood Sugar
Hypoglycemia : It is the opposite of Hyperglycemia. It indicates too low level of glucose in the blood .
                           >Too little food or skip a meal
                           > too much insulin or diabetes medications
                     Symptoms :
                           - Hunger
                           - Sweating
                           - Trembling/Shaking
                           - Confusion
                           - Anxiety
                           - Blurring of vision/Impaired vision
                           -Fast Heartbeat

                           - Coma 
Hypoglycemia, Diabetes, Blood Sugar
If anyone feels some of the symptoms mentioned above, he/she should measures his/her blood glucose level immediately and try to maintain it according to the physician's advice.

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