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Inflammation of the lining tissue of the Conjunctiva due to a reaction from any allergic substances such as pollen & dander.

 When eyes are exposed to any allergic substances, histamine is released and the conjunctival blood vessels become dilated (clear membrane that covers the white part of the eye is conjunctiva ). As a result Reddening of the eyes develops quickly along with itching and tearing. Rubbing the eyes makes the situation worse.

 Symptoms : Symptoms may vary with seasons.
                    > Redness of the eyes
                    > Dilated blood vessels in the clear tissue covering the white part of the eye
                    > Burning eyes or Intense itching
                    > Puffy eyelids, especially in the morning
                    > Tearing (watery eyes)
 Treatment : The best treatment is to avoid exposure to the allergen/allergic substances. Any discomfort can be relieved by applying cool compresses to the eyes or taking antihistamines by mouth.

              > Antihistamine or anti-inflammatory eye drops
              > Mild eye steroid preparations applied directly on the surface of the eye (in case of severe reactions)
              > Eye drops that prevent mast cells from releasing histamine; these drops are given in combination with antihistamines for moderate to severe reactions.

Classification of Allergic Conjunctivitis :
Allergic Conjunctivitis may be classified into the followings :
            1. Simple Allergic Conjunctivitis
            2. Vernal  Conjunctivitis
            3. Atopic  Conjunctivitis
            4. Phlyctenular  Conjunctivitis
            5. Giant papillary  Conjunctivitis

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