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Tonsil is a  lymphoid tissue. Human has a pair of tonsil on two sides of throat in it's inner aspect.We called it Tonsillitis in it's any infection & painful condition.Tonsillitis is a general health problem.Usually children of 3-12 years age mostly suffer from tonsillitis as well as adult people.In 50% cases tonsillar infection caused by virus, but bacterial infection also can causes tonsillitis.In case of bacteria ,Beta-Hemolytic streptococcus mainly responsible for it.Some other bacteria can also causes tonsillitis..Frequent cold , malnutrition, environmental pollution , deficient immune system may also play role in causing tonsillitis.

Tonsil, Tonsilar infection

Symptoms Of Tonsillitis :

                       >Fever may develop nearly 103-104 degree
                >Generalized body pain, Headache, Pain in the ear
                >Pain in throat & difficulty in swallowing(Dysphagia)
                >In case of children , dribbling of saliva from mouth

 If these symptoms appear, we can call it severe infection.We can relieved from this problem by taking medicine according to physician advice.Usually by Antibiotic,mouthwash,pain killer it's treatment is done.The patient is also advised to drink a large quantity of water.

If Someone don't take treatment properly,chronic or long standing infection can develop.If chronic infection develops 4-5 times in successive 2 years,it's better to remove tonsil by operation. If not operated many complications can arise.

Complications :

                >Tonsillar abcess can develop
                >Infection can spread to the surrounding area of the tonsil
                >Infection can develop in the ear
                >Rheumatic fever can develop
                >Breathlessness or respiratory distress can develop along with respiratory track swelling.

               >Infectious organisms can spread in blood
               >By blood if the organisms reach the kidney,infection can develop there .

 So, we shouldn't ignore this problem. We should take treatment from a doctor & take regular medicine if prescribed any.If the problem is not relieved by taking medicine then it is better to do operation.The operation is easy,safe & short time consuming.Now a days, without any bleeding & stich tonsillar operation is done by Ultrasonic method.The patient can go home at noon after the operation at morning and can take any food shortly after the operation.

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