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On a worldwide statistics shows that, male and female are equally responsible for infertility or inability to produce baby. At present the number of male is increasing who are unable to produce children.Because of environmental pollution & changes in life style sperm count is decreasing along with increasing it's abnormalities.  
Sterility, Infertility, Male Sterility

Cause of male infertility :

                  Male semen analysis revels that, qualitative value/quality of the sperm decrease along with the decreasing number of sperm. Usually a man is able to produce child if he got 80-120 million motile/movable sperm per cc of semen.
                   > Only if the sperm count is sufficient ,it is not enough for producing child. Sperm must must be motile.
                   > It is not possible to fertilize, if the shape of the sperm is abnormal.

Sperm, sterility, Infertility

                   > Due to sexual transmittable disease & infection sperm count reduce.
                   > Sperm count reduce along with increasing age . Like menopause mainly for andropause sperm count decrease with increasing age.
                   > Some drugs & chemicals reduce the activity of testes. As a result sperm count reduce.
                   > As a result of trauma in testes, both the count & motility of sperm can be reduce.

sterility, infertility, male infertility

                   > Production of sperm decrease as a result of radiation.
                   > Any disease or problem of pituitary gland interrupt the activity of testes & sterility occurs.
                   >  Thyroid hormone helps the sperm to become mature. So production of thyroid hormone also affects the ability of child production.
                   > In improper treatment of diabetes & hypertension.
                   > Sperm produce normally but if there is any obstruction or other problem in their way out.
                   > Out of these cause sperm count also reduce as a result of undisciplined life style, alcoholism & smoking.
                   > Antidepressant drug can reduce sperm count as it's side effect.
                   > Mental stress is also a cause of cell infertility.
                   > Also over weight is a cause of infertility.

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