Saturday, April 14, 2012

"Egg"To Reduce Fatigue & Lethargy

Fatigue,Lethargy comes almost everyday after or during our daily work.We follows different strategies or ways to recover from that fatigue & lethargy.Many of us takes tea frequently or takes short break in between our works, but we can escape from that at the beginning of our day before it comes over us just by eating egg. A group of researchers from Cambridge University recently give this information. 

Egg, Fatigue,Lethargy

The new research found that the white portion of the egg contains a protein,which helps us to stay fresh from fatigue & lethargy all the day.To keep us fresh our Brain have to keep a type of cell active,which is called "Orexin cell".Researchers said that due to long time work and the constant anxiety this cell become inactive.As a result we fell fatigue & lethargic.To find a way to ease this fatigue,a group of researchers was trying & at last they become successful and their report is published on  Scientific Journal"Neuron" in November 17. Orexin cell is not only control fatigue but also associated with obesity.Drowsiness, fatigue and obesity reduces the motility and activity of this cell and deactivation of these cells increased body weight.The researchers were experimenting with different kinds of food and trying to find out that which food can reduce fatigue.Then they saw that the white portion of egg contains a type of amino acid(Protein), which helps to keep us fresh all day.Also,glucose from all kind of foods that we take everyday makes a barrier around these "Orexin" cell,but the amino acid of egg prevent that.So,without taking frequent break from work , we can reduce the Drowsiness and fatigue just by taking 1/2 egg in our breakfast.

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